UPDATE: FNN Publisher Fighting MRSA and Recovering From Hip Replacement

Jun 18, 2014 2 Comments by

UPDATE: Furry News Network Publisher fighting MRSA being hospitalized – needs community assistance

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Review: ‘Rose Point’ and ‘Laisrathera’, by M. C. A. Hogarth

Sep 24, 2014 1 Comment by

Author: Fred These are books 2 and 3 of M.C.A. Hogarth’s Her Instruments space opera trilogy. Earthrise, book 1, was reviewed in Flayrah in June 2013. The fact that Maggie Hogarth commissioned professional s-f cover artist Julie Dillon to paint the covers of this trilogy instead of doing their covers herself, as she usually does […]

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Captain Carrot 1982 series being digitally released by DC on ComiXology

Sep 24, 2014 No Comments

Author: STrRedWolf DC is doing a digital release of Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew! this year. First issue was released in 1982… now rereleased August 19th, 2014! From Wikipedia: Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! is a DC Comics comic book about a team of funny animal superheroes called the Zoo Crew. […]

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FC-175 Totally Not Posted Late

Sep 18, 2014 No Comments

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations) http://furcast.fm/logos/furcast-2013.png Yep. Totally not. Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) Watch Video News: Florida Man + DUI + Lady Undies + Retirement Home = THIS FaceRig Announced on Steam Los Angeles Condom Ordinance Spurs Rise In Underground Porn [TED] Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm Gay Teen’s Organs Rejected Due […]

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‘Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS’ full roster revealed

Sep 16, 2014 1 Comment

Author: crossaffliction Three years ago, Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, the latest in Nintendo’s series of fighting games featuring various Nintendo characters. As the game’s Japanese version launched this Saturday, the full roster for the game is now known (though it had actually been leaked back in August). The starting roster can […]

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FC-176 Replacement Blue

Sep 16, 2014 No Comments

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations) http://furcast.fm/logos/furcast-2013.png With Fayroe was gone this week at IFC, we rounded out the news and did our best. WHY DID YOU LEAVE US FAYR- oh he comes back in the next episode. Alright we’re okay. Phew! Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) Watch Video News: Gay bathhouses across US face an uncertain future […]

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FC-177 Internal Cuddles

Sep 14, 2014 No Comments

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations) http://furcast.fm/logos/furcast-2013.png A 5-star show with the classic crew. Great news, and debut of a new rapid fire fan email segment. Enjoy! Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) Watch Video News: Furries And HIV – Revisited This Guy Was Disowned By His Family For Being Gay So The Internet Raised $ 50,000 For Him […]

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Review: ‘The Art of Hibbary’, by Hillary Renee Luetkemeyer

Sep 12, 2014 2 Comments

Author: Fred This is the fifth volume in Sofawolf Press’ Artistic Visions series of art-sketch format albums. The first four each showcase one (or two) of the best artists in furry fandom; Kenket (Tess Garman), Brian and Tracy Reynolds, Ursula Vernon and Henrieke Goorhuis. Each is a professional artist, but is especially well-known in furry […]

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Review: ‘Slightly Damned’, by Sarah ‘Chu’ Wilson

Sep 10, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Fred These are the first two collections of the wacky fantasy Slightly Damned full-page, full-color internet weekly comic strip by Sarah “Chu” Wilson. She has won the Ursa Major Award for both the Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work (these book collections) and for the Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story, for both 2012 and 2013. If […]

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Roz Gibson’s ‘Griffin Ranger’ meets Kickstarter goal

Sep 10, 2014 1 Comment

Author: crossaffliction Roz Gibson‘s Kickstarter campaign for the novel Griffin Ranger reached its goal of $ 6000, and its stretch goal of $ 6500, meaning the book will now have five to six interior illustrations by artist Katie Hofgard. Seventy-five backers combined for a total of $ 6,525, including 10 backers who donated over $ […]

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First photos of Colorado albino hummingbird taken in South Fork

Sep 05, 2014 1 Comment

Author: crossaffliction This August a group of walkers spotted a rare white hummingbird in the Million Ranch development of South Fork. This turned out to be the first true albino hummingbird photographed in Colorado. Local resident Kim Krahn first spotted the unusual bird on a morning walk around 8 a.m. Monday, August 25. “I was […]

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Review: ‘Mousemobile’ by Prudence Breitrose

Sep 05, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Fred I would like to thank Mister Twister for calling this title to my attention by reviewing the first book in this series, Mousenet. This is its sequel. Mousenet and Mousemobile are recommended for readers 8 to 12, grades 3 to 7. They are clearly juvenile fiction, but are well-written and imaginative enough that […]

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Review: ‘Captive of the Red Vixen’ by Royce Day

Sep 05, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Voice In command of his family’s star freighter, foxen noble Lord Rolas Darktail finds himself a captive of the infamous pirate, the Red Vixen. Drawn to her easy freedom, he finds himself torn between staying with her, and honoring his duties to his family, who must escape the cruel countess they serve. Come along […]

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Tapestries MUCK revokes no-human policy

Sep 04, 2014 1 Comment

Author: GreenReaper Adult text-based furry roleplaying environment Tapestries MUCK has revoked its policy against human characters. In a news bulletin, Tapestries head-wizard and owner WhiteFire said: Humans as characters are now allowed on Tapestries MUCK. The purpose for denying such characters in the past has long since stopped being relevant. It was originally used to discourage […]

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Review: ‘L’Extravagante Croisière de Lady Rozenbilt’, by Pierre Gabus and Romuald Reutimann

Sep 01, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Fred This is a review of the original French edition. My thanks to Lex Nakashima for getting and loaning it to me. The young Alfred Bigoodee is only an assistant when he embarks on the seaplane of Lady Rozenbilt, the fabulously rich woman with tastes as fantastic as they are dangerous. This voyage will […]

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