Furry News Network

Due to health issues, and a recent hacking attack, I have decided to end this version of Furry News Network.  The site and it's content has been archived. I've been considering this for several months, and the hack attempt that took the site off line March 30, 2015 was the final straw. I've really enjoyed working with members of the Furry community to bring the content to you. For those of you who don;t know my history, I've had health issues for the past 14 years.  I lost a kidney in 2001, had heart issues start in 2007 and was hospitalized with an auto-immune disorder in 2009.  In 2014, I fell and broke my hip and have never fully recovered.  I am now fighting stage 3 kidney disease and anemia.  I need to deal with my health. I will sorely miss many of you and look forward to the day I can bring Furry News Network back. Thank you! Markos badwolf-and-yani