Shorty Awards Open – Kyell Gold Nominated as Author

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The Shorty Awards – Awards given to Twitter users that contribute in significant ways to the “Twitterverse” is currently accepting nominees.  Currently Furry writer/author Kyell Gold is the front runner in the Author category.

Kyell Gold is a prodigious furry author whose writing typically focuses on male/male erotica. His fursona is a red fox. He has written several novels, all published by Sofawolf Press. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in Sofawolf Press’s Heat, as well as Bad Dog Books‘ FANG. He and K.M. Hirosaki are co-hosts of the podcast Unsheathed.

Gold’s most well-known works include his Argaea series of novels and short stories. His other published works include the coming of age novel Waterways and numerous short stories. He also posts his writing on Fur AffinityYiffstar and FurRag.!/KyellGold/

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