Coming Out of the Furry Closet

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I’ve recently been asked advice on coming out as a Furry. While I am not well qualified to give such advice, others of you may be.

I know about the coming out process on some levels because I “came out” twelve years ago as a homosexual.  Coming out as furry really hasn’t been on my map.  I’m the kind of person that segments my life. Work life, family life, home life and social life are all kept neatly apart.  It’s a system that works for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  The way I have things segmented, I don’t have to explain to co-workers or family about my hobbies, although everyone I associate with is aware that I have actively participated in Sci Fi & Fantasy conventions for almost 27 years.

This this in mind, I have a hard time giving advice on how to come out as a furry.  I think one reason I have a hard time with it, is I don’t live “furry” as a lifestyle.  I am a furry because I enjoy the art, and the social aspects.  I don’t get into the “lifestyle” aspects or the “fetish” aspects of being furry.  Coming into my home, you would be hard pressed to look around the place and pick out things that tell you I am a furry.  I don’t keep furry art on my walls or as my computer desktop.  I have a total of four plushies, two of them given to me as an infant, and the other two by former boyfriends.  Even my tails (I have five), collars and fursuits are neatly tucked away.  I bring them out for conventions and meets.

So I am not a good person to ask about how to come out as a furry; however, some of you may be the right persons.

If you care to, please tell your “Furry Coming Out Story” in the comments section below.  I think hearing how others have deal with telling friends and family about being a furry will go a long way to helping others understand our fandom and subculture.   You are also welcomed to post links to resources explaining the furry fandom.

An example is Anthrocon’s “What is Furry” pamphlet – You can find it here

Coming out of the Furry closet has another side as well. There are friends you find that show all the signs of being a furry, even down to the “fetish” aspects, and refuse to be called a furry. If you know anyone like this, be understanding with them until they are ready. Because of trolling on the internet and unfavorable media attention over the past 20 years, there can be stigma attached to the term “furry”. Not everyone is capable of dealing with it.

If you have a story in this vein that you wish to share, you are also welcomed to post it below.

Please remember – FNN is not a place to make fun of someone, call them out or troll. Any comments violating this will be removed and depending on the severity, the commenter banned. Please play nice.

This video is presented with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks! – Enjoy


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