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There is little doubt that in this day, most of us rely heavily on our smart phones.  Whether you prefer iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, our pocket companions are never far from our reach.  Most Furries I know keep up with their chat, email and twitter, as well as keeping a few of their favorite peices of furry art as their wallpaper or just to flip through when they have some down time.

Thanks to two new apps currently being developed on the Android platform, you can now keep up with SoFurry and the Fursuit Database.

The first one up is “Fursuit Diary”

This furry app provides a connection between the Fursuit-DB owned by Timduru (http://db.fursuit.org/) and your Android!
You can browse through the fursuits in the database and its possible to record Routes, you made in your Fursuit, to upload them to the Database.

Any suggestions to http://www.furid.net/

Screen shots:

Next up is The new “SoFurry” App. The app promises to give you all of the features of using the SoFurry community, right on your Android phone. The app is currently in public beta.


Read stories and journals, browse artwork, check your sofurry.com PMs and enjoy our fully functional online chat right on your mobile!

Screen shots:

You can find the SoFurry App here
You can find the Fursuit Diary App here

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