Howard Stern Show interviews several attendees at Anthrocon 2011

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I don’t know who their cast member “Wolfie” is interviewing – the “furry” has a heavy accent.

This “furry” describes his experience as a zoophile.

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Break Down of clip by

Wolfie At Anthro-Con. 06/27/11. 8:50am
After the break we heard some prank calls the guys had Evil Dave Letterman make to a public access show. Fred also played ZZ Top’s ”I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said he’s bad but he’s not nationwide. Then he said he is nationwide. He said not everyone has satellite though so maybe he’s not nationwide. Robin said everyone could get satellite and get the show so he is nationwide. Howard said he can imagine playing that song on guitar. He said if he had any musical talent he’d be playing it for Robin.

Howard said he knows it’s getting late but he has to get to this. He said there’s a thing in Philadelphia that’s called the Furry convention. Gary said it’s called Anthro-Con. It’s about dressing up like furry animals. Howard said these people are into furry outfits. Robin said they had an episode of CSI about this.

Howard said they sent Wolfie out to the convention. He said it’s not just 20 people. He said there are a lot of people and they have a parade before the convention. Gary wadi said they say there were 6,000 people at the convention and 1000 in the parade in costume. Howard said Wolfie said there were a lot of gay people there but not all of them were. Howard said that he was also told it was in Pittsburgh, not Philly.

Howard said these people dress up like their favorite animal so he’d probably dress up like a dog but he is becoming a cat person. Howard said he’s so glad they took in these two cats. He said they love them and he’s become a cat person.

Howard said Wolfie ran into a few people and you might think they’re kind of weird. He said some of them go 24/7 in their costumes. He said they’re Anthro-morphic and they have some kind of disease.

Howard played one clip where Wolfie interviewed a guy with a heavy accent and he was talking about furry porn and how he has like 10,000 images. Howard asked who gets into this kind of thing. Wolfie asked what the best way to clean semen off your outfit is. The guy had an answer for him. The guy said his semen is hard to clean when it’s wet so he waits for it to dry. He said he uses water to clean it after it dries.

Wolfie asked the guy how he got into that lifestyle. The guy told him he was into watching sex with animals. Then he came across the furry outfits images. Howard played more of that and the guy was talking about how he has had sex with dogs. He said he likes German Sheppards. He said they are very obedient. Howard said this guy has no shame. Howard said Wolfie is in shock right now after hearing all of this.

Howard played more of the guy talking about how he has sex with the dogs. He said he’s only done two. He said that he lets the dogs fuck him in the ass too. Robin said she had no idea the guy was letting the dogs fuck him. Howard said that’s got to be against the law. Robin said it’s definitely against the law. Howard said they have to lock this guy up.

Howard played more of the guy talking about how every person and every dog’s semen tastes different. Howard said this guy was a gold mine. He said that Wolfie should have brought him in there. The guy was saying that he had tasted a friend’s semen and it was sweet. Howard said there can’t be anyone better than that.

Howard played another interview Wolfie did with a guy who said he’s into his own species which is fox. Howard said Gary was telling him that they are so serious about this that they stick to their own species that they dress up like. Howard said this is no joke. He said this country is going down hill. Robin said they get in groups and lay around like animals would. Howard said this is psychotic. He said he’s never heard of such a thing. Robin asked if there’s a way to get off this planet.

Howard played more of that interview and the guy was talking about how he has masturbated to furry porn. He said it’s no different than Star Wars fans masturbating to that. Howard said they should all be locked up.

Howard asked what kind of convention this is and where the police were. Howard played another clip of a guy who dresses up like a cat was talking about what that’s like for him. Howard wondered if people are going to become trans-species. He said that he’d take a lot of pleasure in that. Howard said he’d love it if Cher’s other kids morphed into animals.

Another Furry was talking about what his parents think of him dressing up. He said they’re not happy. He also claims that he goes to work dressed up like an animal. He works in a restaurant so Robin wondered if he has to wear a hair net. Howard said that would be a fur net. Howard said he can see the day when people turn into cats and dogs. He said he’d like to see that and see them able to marry others.

Gary said he was looking at the list of what’s available to do at the convention. You can go to a panel for ”Are You a Werewolf” and some other things like that. He said they have a Husky Meet and Greet. He said there are a lot of weird things like that. He said you can go to class to learn how to be a handler. Howard said they have one called ”Flea Collars, Are They Safe.” He read that list that Gary was reading and they had a bunch of strange things like that.

Howard read some rules about how to approach these people. The rules are the same as they would be for animals. You approach them from the front and don’t scare them. Howard said that they had etiquette for the elevators too. He read about all of that and talked about how nutty the whole thing is.


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