Eye of the Tiger: Interview – 2 Gryphon

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2 Gryphon Furry Commedian

Kell Bengal and Kraden band together for ‘Eye of the Tiger’, a new sideline segment run by Kell asking the in-depth questions on various topics.

This episode we interview 2 Gryphon, a high-line furry personality, professional comedian with a knack for making a point/firey indifference, and general interesting fellow. In this interview we ask 2 not about his works so far, but about his means behind them. He reveals a deeper and more engaging mind at work behind his on-stage and on-show character. What was planned to be a 20 minute Q&A turned into an hour of in-depth tantalising conversation from ‘the Aristocrats’ to Malcom X.


His home-page, vod-cast, archive and rants can be found at www.Ranting-gryphon.com

A little bit about 2… (source: Wikifur)

Born in August 1972, 2 has been a performer for most of his life. He began as a rock guitarist in the 1980′s. He then ventured into the sci-fi and fantasy fields, doing comedy events at conventions during the 1990′s.

The weekly 2sense show and his insightful rants gave him a sudden rise in popularity in the fandom as someone willing to say what many were thinking, even if they were merely his own opinions.

As a member of the furry fandom, he has a gryphon fursona. His name allegedly came to him in a dream about the creature. He regularly attends furry conventions and often performs stand up there. He has been the guest of honor at Califur 0Oklacon 2004, Rocket City FurMeet 2005, Feral! 2006 and RBW 2007. He is also currently on staff at Furry Weekend AtlantaRocket City Furmeet and was a founding member of Furry Connection North.

2 formerly resided in Arkansas, USA, in a social collective of fellow furry fans/artists (“furs”), known as the North Arkansas Regional Furry Association (NARFA), and also formerly lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He now currently resides in Los Angeles, California


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