Cuddly Like A Fox: Meet Gizmo, A Pet Fox, And His Keeper

Sep 16, 2011 1 Comment by

Author: Woot Blog

“It’s the last day of Pet Week on the Woot blog, and to me, no wild animal seems like a more appealing pet than a fox. They’re cute, smart, playful, closely related enough to dogs to seem petlike, but not as scary as wolves. Indeed, as a decades=long Russian breeding experiment shows, when selectively bred for tameness, foxes become more doglike, both temperamentally and physically. Naturally, I was fascinated by the blog The Pet Fox, and its wealth of posts about fox care, fox behavior, and the editor’s own pet fox, Gizmo (pictured throughout this blog). I just had to ask the editor, who goes by the online handle Ragtatter, about what it’s like to share a home with these one of these lithe, resourceful, tufty-tailed quadrapeds…”

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