Londonfurs Suspends Official Fursuit Walk

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One of World’s largest regular furmeets has had to suspend its official fursuit walks while it obtains public liability insurance.

 The Londonfurs Meet which meets every 3 weeks in English capital has announced that official fursuit walks will not be arranged until its organising committee has the money to put in place insurance to protect itself from any claims arising from injuries or damages by its attendees or members of the public.

 Bariki from Londonfurs organising committee wrote on the UK Furs forum, “The quotes we have been receiving seem to be in the region of £300 – £600 dependent on the number of events covered and the extents of the extensions to cover volunteers. Although we do have some funds available, they weren’t donated for this purpose and therefore we cannot use them – to do so would be unfair on those who donated…This is not a ban on fursuits – they are still more than welcome. This is also not a ban on people going off suiting whilst at the meets. What it is an end of is the official walks. There will be no announcements of the start, and no staff/volunteers will be present in any official capacity to guide, help out or shepherd suiters/provide water/first aid etc.”

The Londonfurs meet has grown rapidly in recent years with average attendance around 200 per meet. It began last year to run official walks for its attendees to go on and since starting them the committee has been investigating whether it needed separate insurance. Furs at the meet’s venue are covered already by the premises’ own insurance.

Furs wishing to help the Londonfurs with their costs go to and click on the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of its page, and mark the payment is for insurances.

Update 09/03/2012 – The group has raised £635 towards insurance costs, donations can still be made for annual payments but the committee is now in the process of finding a suitable affordable insurer.

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