Student Film “Furry” released to the Public

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The film “Furry” is by Lindsey Batdorf, who wrote, directed and edited the project. Furry is a 20-minute comedy that was produced at Ringling College of Art and Design, as her senior thesis project.

The film is about Ryan Wetherby, a 23-year-old illustrator who is obsessed with his childhood wolf character named Kitsu. He finally has an opportunity to get together with the girl of his dreams, a co-worker named Emily. He faces a dilemma, however: should he tell Emily about his furry obsession, or should he hide it from her? It doesn’t help that his “out-and-proud” furry friend, Terry, is always looking to convert new people to the fandom!

We asked Lindsey about her experience with the fandom:

As far as my experience with the fandom goes, I learned about the furry lifestyle from my past college roommate. She had a tigress character that was her “fursona” and she loved to draw Sonic the Hedgehog art. I investigated further, and I found that beneath the negative rep it gets from the media, the furry fandom is a nerdy yet fun-loving community of nice folks. This was only proven to me further when I went to Anthrocon 2010 and met a lot of incredibly friendly furries!

Furry from Lindsey Batdorf on Vimeo.

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