Uncle Kage Calls For Furries to Rally to Save Local Pittsburgh Business

Apr 15, 2012 8 Comments by

By: Uncle Kage

Fernando DeCarvalho, owner of Fernando’s Cafe in Pittsburgh, has been a good friend to both Anthrocon and to the Furry Fandom. The economy has not been good to him of late, however, and he has made the sad decision to close his restaurant at the end of April, 2012. He will be left deep in debt, with no way to pay it off.

Fernando was the first person in Pittsburgh to roll out the welcome mat for us, and a visit to his cafe has become as integral to the Anthrocon experience as the Masquerade. We won’t be able to keep him in business, but we sure as hell can help him get out from under the mountain of debt he’s accrued, partly because he tried to stay in business beyond the “point of no return” just because he wanted to be there for us just one more time.

I can not think of any way other than Paypal to collect some money that I would like to deliver to him on April 21, when a gang of Furries is planning to descend on his little establishment for one last lunchtime party. If you would like to help, please consider a donation via Paypal to help.furnando@yahoo.com. Kindly mark the donation clearly “FOR FERNANDO.” If Paypal is not your thing, please send an email to that address and I will let you know of other payment options.

Again, this is not a call for idle charity; instead, think of it as an extended tip-jar. This is a call to say “thank you!” to a man who more than just about anyone else led to Anthrocon becoming a cherished Pittsburgh institution.

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