Episode 44 – UR MOM LOL

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Yeah, you heard us! And your dad, and your…everything, really! We lead off with a series of yo momma snaps, followed by discussions of Squirrelking Appreciation Day, Halfwit’s word of the week, losing weight, a few people that have been taken from us, North Carolina (it’s a state!) and orange juice drama complete with techno! We even give Kyo a long-delayed valentine, much to his, uh, delight?

Once the e-mails get started, it’s a whole different kettle of fish. We discuss parents who have stopped being parents, embarrassing parent moments, an update on one listener’s father’s crack-addict girlfriend, a new listener who gives us an update on three previous topics and discusses a relative with no manners, and we even discuss a bit of potential sexual dysfunction. Fuzzy Logic After Hours!

Also, at one point, we mention Foamy the Squirrel going off on a rant on gay marriage. Wanna see? Well, click on this link to see an awesome take on the issue!

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Episode 44 – UR MOM LOL
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