Non-fiction magazine ‘Claw & Quill’ seeks (re)launch material

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Author: GreenReaper

Claw & QuillFurry author/editor Watts Martin has announced a new online magazine about furry fandom, Claw & Quill.

The magazine’s submission guidelines call for unpaid reviews, interviews, profiles and nonfiction narratives in the 1000–2000 word range. While acknowledging a “definite overlap” with Flayrah, Watts expressed a wish for C&Q to be “less “newsy” and more curated.”

Many know Watts as a story writer, but he has a long history of publishing and contributing non-fiction to furry ‘zines. He previously launched a fiction webzine under the same name Claw & Quill in October 2004, although it proved short-lived. Watts planned to reuse the name for a curated, social story archive similar in concept to Yerf, but the project stalled.

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