Kusa the Arctic Fox gets Web Redemption on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0

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On the season premiere of Tosh.0, Comedy Central’s web clip based comedy show, Daniel sets his sites on Furries by featuring Cody aka “Kusa the Artic Fox”. Cody tries to defend the fandom, citing shows like CSI, Tyra Banks and 1000 Ways To Die. There is overuse of many furry specific portmanteaus like “fursona”, “furlanthropist”, and discussion of the term “yiff”.

The clip ends with Daniel taking Cody to a “Furry Party” spoofing Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, where he and Cody encounter celebrities having sex in mascot costumes.

From the clip’s description:
Daniel Tosh takes Cody the furry (a.k.a. Kusa the Arctic Fox) to a big Hollywood party and gives him his first opportunity to let his fur flag fly.

Parts of this video are considered Not Safe For Work



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