Fuzzy Logic: Episode 97 – Return of the Cast

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Author: Smokescale Aquatos

Return of the WHAT

Hello and welcome back! We’ve returned from our holiday hiatus! Wide eyed and bushy-tailed! (well, some of us have bushy tails at least… okay only one of us, and it’s a rabbit tail so it’s not THAT bushy).

We open with discussions as per usual. Smokey geeks out about SPAAAAAACE in the game Kerbal Space Program (seriously… using nothing but spacesuit RCS, he got out of an orbit with a closest point of 10,000km… awesome). Halfwit reminds us of an awesome product being developed called “Facerig” (link at the bottom of the show notes). Isty also discusses the first minigame for “Night in the Woods” which he discussed last episode. All of these things are awesome and you should go check them out. At least videos of them.

Emails come fast and furious and they number six.

First up is Loona Indiglo updating us on work and social matters with furries and bronies. Next is Cody who explains the meaning of ‘Jabroni’ and no, that’s not a New York Italian who is a big fan of Twilight Sparkle. Dee follows with a short message offering well wishes for the holiday and sorrow at the departure of Kyo. But he says he’s blue… curious. Our transcriptionist friend gives us a poke with some interesting information on a community of people that transcribe audio by breaking it into chunks and assigning them out to different people. Very neat indeed. Legionbunny regales us with how he was offered a modeling job, but that it might not be something he’s all that interested in going in for. Listen to find out more. Last but not least, Shadeus derails us with the mental image of logical penises then expresses an interest in making the hundred or so mile jump into moving into Dallas proper rather than living near Longview. We wish you the best on that!

Our next show will be all about the holidays, how you spent them, who you spent them with, if they were good, if you got anything you wanted even if you didn’t know you wanted it, etc. Tell us how your holidays went!

Also, as we mentioned before we read the emails, situations have changed resulting in our losing our current venue as a recording site. Unfortunately, due to the geographic distribution of the cast, this effectively shuts us done. We will be able to finish out January, making episode 99 our final show. We discussed the matter and decided that it would be best to end on 99 rather than perform our live show and have that be the final episode. But just because our show is coming to a close doesn’t mean we want you to stop writing us. We still have two more shows! Write in and tell us what you think, what you need help with, or whatever is on your mind! We can’t promise we’ll have anything insightful for everything that comes in, but at the very least, it’ll be entertaining! Right? …right?

Kerbal Space Program
SPAAAAAAAAAAACE on your computer. Seriously, this game is loads of fun if you’re at all interested in what NASA does. It even has true Newtonian physics… and it’s hilarious when you design a huge, outrageous rocket and it collapses into an explosion… or even better, it works! Available on Steam.

FaceRig (main site)
FaceRig’s Indiegogo Page
This is one of the most awesome pieces of communication software meant for the general public made in a long time. This will take any footage taken by most any webcam, scan facial expressions, and map them over onto a 3D rendered character in real time and output that to the communication medium of your choice (Skype, etc.). There is the availability to make custom characters. Furries… this is perfect for us. It’s already hit its goal, but as of this posting, there are 35 days remaining to contribute, and a rather low donation gets you early access to the product. Check it out!

Night in the Woods
Isty mentioned this kickstarter last episode, and it’s done well, hitting its goal and then some! They’ve recently released their first minigame as he mentioned on the show. Go check it out!


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