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A great guest from afar joins us for an otherwise small crew this week to discuss various shenanigans. A good round of emails as well! Really it was. I mean it’s not like I’m writing this episode description while currently half asleep on a computer at work pulling subjective terms to describe how it went out of my ass or anything… No seriously though the guest was pretty good, we got to have a nice short interview with our friend Mishka from the first article and uh yeah, emails were good too. It was good. Really. BELIEVE IT.

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  • Twitch & Tez – “Skittes are Gaysist”
  • Kane – “Shifts”
  • Kyler – “Gender Identity Crisis”
  • Mercure Lexion – “Choosing a Fursona”
  • Trystyn – “Dear FurCast”
  • Anonymous – “Fursuit”
  • Lupus Vette – “Tests and names”
  • Jesse Pinkail – “very first con”
  • Sin Nombre – “Assy friends, awkward kisses, and Species confusion”


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