UPDATE: FNN Publisher Fighting MRSA and Recovering From Hip Replacement

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Mike Allgood aka Markos or Badwolf, the publisher of Furry News Network and long time staffer for Furry Weekend Atlanta has been suffering severe medical problems for the past several years.  His health has been in decline since December of 2013 when an auto immune disorder interrupted his life.  During his recovery from the auto immune disorder, he took a bad fall and for the past month and a half, he has been recovering from a hip replacement.

During his recovery, he was diagnosed with MRSA – an antibiotic resistant form of the staph bacteria. During his treatment for MRSA, he was given an antibiotic called vancomycin.  The vancomycin did major damage to his kidney function and he was re-hospitalized last week.

He has been recently discharged from the hospital and is trying to recover at home  He is still facing a battle with the MRSA and is having to find an infectious disease specialist as well as a kidney specialist to manage the problem and save his kidney.

He seems to be recovering well – he is now on a walker, but he has a long struggle ahead.  The MRSA could cause loss of his leg, or in the long run, loss of life.

If you can, please donate to his GoFundMe page and let other Furries know what is going on.  Mike was very active with Furry Weekend Atlanta and the Georgia Furs till his illnesses caused him to withdraw.

As for Furry News Network – It will continue to publish news and reviews, unless Markos’ financial situation falters. At that time, he will make a decision to continue or shutter the service.



Mike’s health has taken a turn for the worse. He will be admitted to Emory University Hospital as of 6/24/2014. The MRSA has spread to other parts of his body. His doctor feels that he will get better and more complete care at Emory.

Mike filled me in on his conversation with his doctor. He had asked about being admitted to one of the two local hospitals. He was kind of shocked when his doctor told him, “If you get admitted to one of those hospitals in your condition, you’re fucked”.

Please keep Mike/Badwolf in your thoughts. If you can help with the GoFundMe ,please do – if not, share the link and Mike’s story.

After talking to Mike for a long time, I know he misses being involved with the Furry community. He found a lot of friends and a family there.


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