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12-Year-Old Fursuiter Needs Advice on Where to Fursuit

Mar 29, 2015 1 Comment by

Author: Papabear, Ever since I was introduced to the furry fandom by a friend in 3rd grade, I loved the idea of going fursuiting, making fursuit videos, making fursuits. Fursuits in general have always amazed me! I recently started making a fursuit (that I am very happy with so far!), and I was thinking about […]

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Are You Born Gay? And, If You’re Gay, Do You Have to Participate in the LGBT Community?

Mar 27, 2015 1 Comment by

Author: Dear Papabear, I am writing to tell you that I’m going through some growing pains. I recently discovered that I’m a gay wolf. And … let’s just say, I’m not comfortable with it. I’ve always felt like I was straight, but I started to really like fantasizing about males, I wanna say when I […]

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Young Furry Asks about Bird Fursuits

Mar 25, 2015 2 Comments

Author: Papabear, My friend is making me a foam base for a fursuit head for real cheap ($ 15, a steal). Do you have any advice for actually putting fur on it and making the rest of the suit (it’s a crow/raven)? I saw yours and thought it looked great, so I assumed you would […]

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Part of Being a Friend Is Being a Good Confidant

Mar 23, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Papabear, I’m feeling a lot of guilt over “Facebook-stalking” a very dear online (furry) friend of mine. The temptation started after I realized that the email he initially used to contact me on a forum website contained his full real name, and from many late-night, hours long conversations, I knew enough about him that […]

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He Didn’t Listen Last Time, Maybe He Will This Time

Mar 21, 2015 No Comments

Author: Dear Papa Bear, This is Overworked and Stressed Out again, but now I have a different thing worrying me.  Roughly four months ago, I wrote to you about a new full-time job I had acquired at a bank as a teller. At the time I wrote to you, I said that I was enjoying […]

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You’re Not a Bad Person Just Because the Friendship No Longer Clicks

Mar 19, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Hello, Papa Bear! I’ve wrote to you before and you helped me with a previous issue. It was a trivial one but now that I have your insight on it, I feel much better, thank you! This time, the issue is a bit more larger. It’s about an online ‘friend’ I have. We’ll call […]

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Furry with Feral Interest Is Limiting His Options for Friends and Love

Mar 17, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Papabear, I don’t know why but I am attracted to animals mainly the feral and anthro canine species with the correct anatomy. I have come to terms with it but I don’t have anyone in real life to interact with and the few that I do only one I can really talk with is […]

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When Determining What to Do in Life, Sexuality and Career Don’t Mix Well Together

Feb 17, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Dear Papabear, First off, I just want to thank you for what you do. I discovered your site a couple of years ago and very much enjoyed reading through the questions people have sent and your thoroughly kind and thoughtful responses. I just randomly thought of you again recently and decided to write you […]

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He Feels Furry Fandom Art Is Superficial and Tacky

Feb 15, 2015 2 Comments

Author: Good afternoon (as of February 03, 2015). I am a young male of mixed Puerto-Rican/Azerbaijani heritage, with Sunni Moslem beliefs, studying at the university level. I discovered what is called the “furry fandom” on the Internet back in 2007, and my experiences have not always been positive. For now, I will not deal with […]

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He Thinks He Might Have to Break Up with Mate Because They Don’t Have Enough in Common

Feb 13, 2015 2 Comments

Author: Hello,I’m going to get to the point pretty quickly. I am in a relationship with another guy and I love him. But I’m starting to think he isn’t “the one” since we hardly have anything in common besides the furry fandom and gaming. Plus I am the huge nerd (sorry if it doesn’t seem […]

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Her School Forbids Her to Wear a Tail

Feb 11, 2015 4 Comments

Author: Papabear,  I am in middle school and they don’t allow tails; they will be taken away. My question is: how can I find another way of showing my love of being a furry? Sincerely,Vixen Fox (age 12, Colorado)* * * Dear Vixen Fox, Your very short letter hits on a very touchy subject in […]

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He’s Gay; She’s Demisexual; Can It Work?

Feb 09, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Dear Papabear, I’m a male furry in a relationship with a non-fur and it has been going great. She accepts me for who I am, furry and all. This sounds like a great thing but here’s the problem: I’m gay. I came to terms with it about a year ago and we’ve been together […]

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One Is Too Clingy, the Other Too Aloof; Happiness Lies in the Middle

Feb 07, 2015 1 Comment

Author: Papabear, I am in a relationship with a male who is younger then me. I am 27, he is 23. We’ve been in this relationship for awhile, about 6 years online, and we just moved in together, with his parents. The reason why I am writing is because I’m curious if I’m wrong in […]

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Falling in Love with a Fursona

Feb 05, 2015 2 Comments

Author: Hi Papabear, My name’s Bluefluffy. I’m a young gay fur and I kinda fell in love with a fursona—not with the person himself, just with the fursona, and, more specifically, one picture of him. But it’s quite useless to be in love like that. I can’t hug him, and so it’s pretty hard, but […]

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