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KnotCast: Episode 248 – SAFIRJTWHC

Apr 09, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Fuzz shares his adventures at BLFC, emails are read, controversies dodged.Use our coupon code ‘knot’ at for a great deal~Episode 248 – SAFIRJTWHC (19.9MB, AAC)Episode 248 – SAFIRJTWHC (35.4MB, MP3) <object width=”” height=””> <param name=”movie” value=””/> <embed src=”” type=”audio/mp4a-latm” width=”” height=””/> </object><br /> Find the full article here: KnotCast News The contents […]

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FC-161 Bacon Felony

Apr 03, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) The British are cumming! Well, came, really. One of the best episodes in a while, thanks to our long time British correspondent who joins us in the US FurCast studio. Talk of FWA production, crazy news, some great emails. Enjoy! Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) Video below was recorded from our […]

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FC-160 The Cone Of Straightness

Mar 28, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) A straightness cone, also variously known as a straight hat, blue cap, or Fayroe’s hat, is a pointed hat, formerly used as an article of discipline in schools. In furry culture, it is typically made of paper and often marked with an S or the word “straight”, and given to […]

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KnotCast: Episode 247 – 98% Wildstar Free

Mar 28, 2014 1 Comment

Author: This week on KC, it’s Fuzz and Savrin shooting the breeze as Shiva is out because family is in town. We answer more tumblr questions, talk about objectification that includes fictional animal-people, and other such topics.Use our coupon code ‘knot’ at for a great deal~Episode 247 – 98% Wildstar Free (19.4MB; AAC)Episode […]

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FC-159 Rainbow Colored Dick Dragon

Mar 22, 2014 No Comments

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) A fun episode packed with great news and a great debate on furries who feel the need to come out. See you guys next week! Exciting times are ahead. Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: Why Do 16th-Century Manuscripts Show Cats With Flaming Backpacks? Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images […]

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KnotCast: Episode 246 – Oh Crap It’s Thursday

Mar 20, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Tumblr questions (and emails) are go! Lots of quickie questions this week and we also talk up Sub-Level 03′s new comic/album. We also use one of their covers as our music break.Sub-Level 03′s cover of Dragostea Den Tei originally by O-Zone 246 – Oh Crap It’s Thursday (27mb, AAC)Episode 245 – Oh Crap […]

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KnotCast: Episode 245 – Chua are Magic

Mar 16, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Savrin talks vidya, Shiva is L shaped, and Fuzz tries to not die from boredom while this occurs. Kyo shares some of his purpleness with us. We also answer emails.Use our coupon code “knot” at for a great deal! Episode 245 – Chua are Magic (23.9MB; AAC)Episode 245 – Chua are Magic […]

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FC-158 Padded Room

Mar 07, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) Another Paradox and Fayroe episode. Some great news and a nice round of in-depth emails. Fayroe is heading to Fernal Equinox next week, make sure to give him hugs and gropes and other things he probably won’t admit he likes! Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: How a Boy, His Horse […]

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FC-157 Seagull Force

Mar 01, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) Corn chips are no place for a Seagull Warrior! Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: 2013 Ursa Major Awards nominations about to close by FredĀ  Things More Acceptable Than Being Gay in Russia FoxyPimples break out in India by Fred Police: Man steals brains, sells them on eBay Seattle-area fursuiter, firefighter […]

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KnotCast: Episode 244 – Heroic Fiesta

Feb 27, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Savrin and Shiva have survived Furry Fiesta 2014 and discuss its successes and things we can do better next go round. Shiva lets us know how crazy her life has been as of late and we discuss briefly the events in Texas, Kentucky, and Arizona happening this week. We even read a few […]

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FC-156 Filthadelphia

Feb 17, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) A laugh packed news packed ass packed (what?) episode with our awesome guest Cheimon once again. Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: U.S. Agent in Gorilla Suit Catches Primate Smugglers Woman Disowns Cat For Being Gay ‘McGruff the Crime Dog’ gets 16 years for 1K pot plants, grenade launcher Facebook Introduces […]

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KnotCast: Episode 243 – TFW No BF

Feb 15, 2014 1 Comment

Author: Super Valentines Edition! We talk about our usual bullshit, get some rather uncomfortable questions from Tumblr, and some guy is kind of a scumbag. Use our coupon code ‘knot’ at for a great deal. Episode 243 – TFW No BF (AAC; 25.4MB)Episode 243 – TFW No BF (MP3; 45.1MB) <object width=”” height=””> […]

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FC-155 In Internet We Trust

Feb 13, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) In 1873, Congress passed the Coinage Act, granting that the Secretary of the Treasury “may cause the motto ‘In Internet We Trust’ to be inscribed on such coins as shall admit of such motto.” Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: SoFurry releases new IM platform amid site overhauls by Rakuen Growlithe […]

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FC-154 Homophobic Terminator

Feb 07, 2014 1 Comment

Author: (..::XANA::.. Creations) Back this week with a full crew and a full show. Download MP3 (Right-click, Save) News: Sly Cooper to get own movie in 2016 by Higgs Raccoon ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ becomes the first animated movie to join the Criterion Collection by crossaffliction South Florida man runs over bicyclist, drives 2 […]

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